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'My greatest concern is not whether you have failed , but whether you are content with your failure.'  A.Lincoln.                                                                                                                         'My greatest concern is not whether you have failed , but whether you are content with your failure.'  A.Lincoln.
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14 Marlborough Cre Durban North 

Tel  27 31 563 2856 ( 0800 TO 1600)
Fax 0866858888
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Head - Consulting and Training:  Duncan MacNicol                            email :

Head - Care Giving Service and Training : Wendy MacNicol              email :

Senior Consultant B-BBEE- Karishma Moodley                                 email :

Consulting Technical Analyst BBBEE : Michelle Isaac                       email : 

Coordinator BBBEE procurement       : Thabisile Mtshali       email :


Tel  27 31 563 2856
Fax 0866858888

Manager-Care Giving Services: Charmaine Soobramoney      email :


ENPOWER, Enforce Park , 43  Sea Cow Lake Rd, Springfield , Durban

General Training enquiries             27 31 573 5480/5418           email :

Sales and Training bookings           27 31 573 5479         email :  vikashn@enpower

Firearm Training : Assessors and  Instructors    27 573 5436    email :

Firearm Re  Licensing enquiries  :  Sizwe Hlatswayo      27 573 5436    email :

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